Worldwide Style TV met Dr Leah to discover the very latest innovation in non surgical fat reduction the go-to treatment for celebrity clientele. 3d Lipo showcased their innovative treatment.

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”January saw the launch of our first 3D- lipomed machine in the UK. Dr. Leah Totton in a joint venture with Lord Sugar have launched our device in the first of their chain of Dr. Leah clinics.”


3D Lipo

Lipo is a procedure that helps to get rid of fat in the body. 3D Lipomed is a powerful and revolutionary new approach to liposuction which does not involve surgery. 3D Lipomed reduces body fat by destroying fat cells instead of merely breaking them up and releasing them into the body.

Worldwide Style TV
3D Lipomed is the brand new ‘medi’ version of the popular 3D Lipo treatments, offering a new and improved update of this powerful technology. The medical version of the machine is currently ONLY available at Dr Leah clinics.

Worldwide Style TV
Dr Leah says: “Our new chic London city clinic provides an accessible haven for people to undergo cosmetic procedures, safe in the hands of our friendly and highly-skilled staff. At Dr Leah clinics we believe in safety, we believe in excellence, and we believe in helping you look the most fabulous version of yourself. Together, let’s achieve your aesthetic dreams! I look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon!”

Worldwide Style TV

3D-lipo is probably one of the most advanced machines of its type and offers a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, treatment of cellulite and skin tightening in one sleek platform, a three dimensional alternative to liposuction with technologies targeting fat removal, cellulite reduction and skin tightening for face and body.

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